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>> the pastor said he is going through with it despite protest from all over the world and the white house. the top general said it could put american lives and the troops in danger overseas. it looks like burn a koran day is a go. >> reporter: pastor gary jones met the media still definely defending his planned koran burning this saturday. >> we are not convinced that backing down is the right thing. >> reporter: this is outrage oh jones' plan reached boiling pont among muslims worldwide. like jakarta, indonesia. many of the world outreach congregation now carry a gun. >> with the amount of death threats we receive, we're taking every precalling. >> reporter: while their planned protest pick up the defender in new york city mayor michael bloomberg. but only from a legal standpoint. >> the u.s. constitution says, you have a right to do that.
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period. end of story. the government can't stop you from burning a book. i said i thought it was distasteful, outrage, it is a threat to our troops. the constitution protects it. >> reporter: not even the white house has been able to convince him to drop the plans. to burn copy of the koran this saturday, the anniversary of 9/11. >> as of this time, we have no intention of canceling. >> reporter: the near universal condemnation is being heard. >> i am heartened by the clear, unequivocal condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act. it has come from american religious leaders of all faiths. >> reporter: even the gainesville city officials are looking for a way to stop it but so far, no luck. chris clackum, nbc news.
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members of a mosque in silver spring here are hosting a meeting in respond to that plan to burn the koran. they say they will hold an interfaith dialogue and demonstrate their commit. to peace. >> we are not going to do anything which is against the law. we will remain peaceful. we will not be violent. we will not be demonstrating. we will not be breaking windows. we will be praying for the peace and praying for our homeland, the united states of america. >> the imam -- but fwurng koran will hurt the feeling of 1.5 million muslims. it begins at 6:30 in the civic building. british petroleum has released an internal report on what went wrong with that oil well that blew out in the gulf of mexico. the report cites eight key failures that led to the explosion and collapse of the well.
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bp also accepts some of the responsibility. but it faults other companies as well. it says there was no single acor inaction that caused the disaster. some critics stay report is self-serving. we'll have more on all that coming up in our next half-hour. the search continues for the man who sexually assaulted a woman at a bus stop in fairfax county. that alleged attack happened about 4:30 this morning near la vista drive and franconia road in the franconia area. earlier today, the police went door to door looking for clues in the case. they also wanted to warn residents the suspect is still on the loose. >> we do believe at this point the attack was random. a woman standing at the bus stop wagting for the bus. and apparently someone approached her from behind and began to assault her. >> the man who was out jogging saw the woman and called police. the woman is being treated at a
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hospital. the parents of the 9-year-old fairfax county girl who died while riding a bicycle last week are speaking out for the first time. they told news4 they do not hold any ill will toward the driver who hit their daughter becky. instead, andy and sandy johns want people to know how special becky was and how much joy she brought to the people around her. >> reporter: a grim task for sandy johns. today the fairfax police station she picked up her daughter becky's bicycle. the bike the 9-year-old was riding when she was killed nine days ago. for sandy johns, the painful questions linger on. >> why? why did this have to happen? and what about that poor guy that was driving? just why? why was my beautiful girl stolen from me? >> reporter: becky johns, a
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soccer player, a skier. in school, she was in the gifted and talented program. why she was born on valentine's day. her parents say she had a way of making everyone smile. >> i like to tell people, she never met a stranger. that she just, there may have been people she didn't like but she never treated them any different than she treated anyone else. i'm really proud of that. >> reporter: flowers, balloons, messages of sympathy marked a place where it happened. this place on franconia road. where becky and two other girl on their bicycles tried cross that day. >> two girls made it. becky didn't. she was struck and killed by a mercury car. the car driven by an 80-year-old man. to the driver of that car, becky's parents say --
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>> it's okay. there is nothing we can do. keep going. >> he is in our thoughts and prayers too. i know he has to be feeling some kind of pain from this, too. >> reporter: becky's legacy is right here on the button they're passing out. live her love by sharing becky's hugs. >> we've been telling her classmate and friends to will you have her love by sharing her hugs. to hug somebody every day in her memory. and we're hoping that makes the world maybe a little bit friendlier. a little bit nicer place for people to be. >> reporter: i'm pat collins. news4, fairfax county. >> becky was only 9 years old but in that time she made an impact on the people in her communicate. more than 400 people showed up for a candlelight vigil in her honor and the funeral procession was more than a mile and a half long. there is an investigation in
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the death of a 3-month-old girl in greenville, maryland. police say they found the infant near the 6000 block of springfield drive. officials have identified her. police in green belt are not releasing many details about how that infant died. anyone with information is asked to call the police. with the d.c. mayor's race primary days away, the challenge ervin sent gray is holding the lead in the latest opinion poll. both candidates were out campaigning today and tom sherwood is here with the latest. >> reporter: neither candidate slacking off in these final days. the d.c. council chairman leading in the poll campaigned at a senior citizen home on connecticut avenue at lunch time. >> doing everything we can to touch people.
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>> reporter: a new independent opinion poll showed gray maintaining 7-point lead over mayor fenty with 14% still undecided. >> reporter: it was only the latest in the building plan that he hopes will boost his reelection chances. >> we're excited about the last six days. >> we're getting as many as possible to convince folks undecide asked soft voters that we're the right candidate. >> reporter: fenty has $800,000 on hand. twice amount gray has. but gray has raised enough money to be competitive. >> we're helping for transportation, for people who
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may need transportation. any number people who have volunteered their own personal vehicles. >> reporter: fenty also told wtop radio that he has asked president obama to endorse him in the final days. fenty was an early backer of obama's. >> we've touched people in the city. people who have been involved in the city every day. >> reporter: obama has backed fenty's education reform but hasn't made any political endorsement. at least not yet. >> thank you. the president went to cleveland today where he call for an end to tax breaks for the wealthiest americans. the cuts were enacted under george w. bush. they're set to expire at the end of the year. critic say ending those cuts will hurt small business owners. the president suggested a new package of break for small businesses. in the meantime, house minority leader john boehner call for a two-year freeze on all tax
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breaks as well as government spending cuts. some positive news about the european economy led to an increase on wall street. all three indices were up. the dow was up 46 points. closed at 10,387. the nasdaq was up untilly points to 2229. and the s&p 500 was up about seven points. it closed just under $1099. fires and flooding. extreme weather across the country. a close call with a tiger and a trainer in las vegas. there is new information out tonight for parents concerned that the safety of child booster seats. what's coming up in the weather? >> very hot. temperatures reached ni96 degre but a big cool-down is coming.
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extreme weather causing big problems all over the country. wildfires and then in detroit, house fires. and then major flooding in texas. >> reporter: wildfires destroyed at least 100 structures, including more than 50 homes northwest of boulder. >> the weather was a big key in that with the cooling conditions they had and the increase in
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relative humidity. >> reporter: the fire spread quickly with strong winds forcing more than 3,000 people from their homes. >> you can't go into their home. the only people -- >> >> reporter: officials say it is still unsafe to return leaving residents frustrated. >> they're not giving us results. any information. we're going to find out for ourselves. >> reporter: in detroit, more frustration and awe as 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts combined with hot, dry conditions swept fire through at least three neighborhoods, charring dozens of homes. >> it's devastating. >> reporter: so far no injuries have been reported. in fire zones of colorado and michigan, any moisture is welcome. while in central and north texas, too much rain has prompted flood warnings. high water from heavy rain caused by hermine downgraded by a tropical depression has forced evacuations, closed roads and stranded residents. in killeen, texas, a woman was
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kill when water had risen over the road. rescuers near san antonio pull this woman to safety through her car's sun roof. from floods to fires, emergency crews battling daerous conditions as residents hope for relief. nbc news. in colorado, at least eight people who did not evacuate from the fire zone have been reported missing now. officials say they're using infrared mapping to track wildfires. they've now been downgraded to about 6,000 acres. coming up, a family reunion now overdue for a family and a dog named jake. more changes could make the ride on the rail a bit safer. >> reporter: good afternoon. it is a messy one out there. 95 headed southbound, dhaz are
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starting to stack up. headed toward the newington area at a very slow rate of speed. this is not the pace your entire way into fredericksburg. elsewhere around the capital beltway, a little wiggle room has been established on the outer loop. unfortunately, big delays for both inner and outer loop drivers. for the better portion of the trip between tyson's and college park, it does affect drivers in both directions.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here.
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bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity.
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go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. half a dozen row homes are on fire in downtown baltimore right now. you're looking at a live picture from the helicopter hovering over baltimore. this is calhoun street. the firefighters are battling a four-alarm fire. we understand that at least half a dozen rowhouses are on fire there in baltimore. that's a live picture of a
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four-alarm fire that firefighters are trying to get under control in baltimore. we've just been looking at pictures of the house fires burning in detroit. i guess the windy, hot, dry conditions are not helping things much either. >> actually, four fires that we know of. brush fires around our area. the maryland, virginia area seeing those fires. and it has been extremely dry across our area. the good news is there is some rain in the forecast. but first a couple more very dry days. let's take a look. take a look at this. a little wind helps the sailboat go down potomac river. a beautiful day for a sail. winds gusting to 15 to 20 miles an hour. even upwards of 30 to 35. the cold front has now moved up its way. a cold front out there. what have we seen? the high pressure was 96 degrees. and boy, did we need to see a cold front. the record is up 100.
6:22 pm
we were four degrees short. luckily it is still not too humid. it has not felt all that hot across the area. speaking of 90-degree days so far this year, we're now number two is officially the warmest summer. the meteorological summer ever in the district. but the 90-degree days, we're at 6290-degree days. this could be it. we may not hit 90 the rest of the year based upon what i've been seeing. the temperatures down to 92 degrees now. the dew point of 33. the humidity, 13%. so extremely dry. that's why we have those red flag warnings in if he can until 7:00 because of the very breezy conditions and the very dry conditions. we've seen numerous brush fires around. take a look at this. a little earlier, not a lot of people affected by this but it did spread a little bit as a result of the winds. the firefighters were able to get that under control like a few other ones.
6:23 pm
one toward bowie. what will we be seeing? the temperatures will not look anything like this. over the next few days. 80 now in frederick. 92 in the district la plata at 91. we are going to see much cooler air coming in tonight. 77 by 9:00. 70 by 11:00. and you'll really notice the difference. 62 degrees. many of you will go wake up into the 50s tomorrow. and it is all because of this frontal boundary. there is the cold front into the southern portions of the state into virginia. it continues to work into the south. then behind it, 72 right now in pittsburgh. 77 in columbus. now hagerstown down to 85 degrees. we will see much cooler air over the next 24 hours. the high pressure building in behind that front. roll out for plenty of sunshine tomorrow and temperatures that will be some 15 to 20 degrees cooler tomorrow. you are really going to notice
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that difference tomorrow and into the day on friday as well. and i think we're going to stay on this cool trend through weekend. this evening, a few clouds still warm and breezy. 79 to 85 degrees. most of those clouds to the south. tomorrow morning when you wake up, look at this. you may need a light jacket. breezy and cool. 52 in some of the cooler suburbs. 61 in the 60. winds out of the west at 10 to 20. that will make it feel cooler. mostly sunny, feeling much cooler. quite breezy. as we move to the next four days, 76 on friday. 80 on saturday. and right now, the best chance of rain coming up on sunday with the temperature around 80 degrees. then we dry out. the temperatures stay in the low 80s until another cold front comes through, cooling swus the 70s again. >> it will feel like back to school weather. coming up, some pilots say they're being targeted by people
6:25 pm
trying to blind them. also holiday displays at the courthouse coming to a vote in loudoun county. and bp has issued a report on what caused the oil disaster in the gulf. this is chris gordon at the early voting site in okayon hill, maryland. two ballots from the party strikingly similar. one has now been declared illegal. i'll have the story ahead. coming up in sports, albert haynesworth is a redskin for now. how long will that remain the case? plus, a nationals youngster chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help.
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lawmakers in loudoun county have decided the fate of holiday displays outside the county courthouse. the debate started last november
6:29 pm
when holiday displays outside the courthouse were suddenly banned. >> reporter: that led to months of discussion on people on both sides of the issue. today county board of supervisors made a decision. jane watrel has our report. >> reporter: a calm resolution to a heated debate. they will continue a policy that allows holiday displays around the historic courthouse. many local leaders are elated. >> this is a very important victory for free speech and religious freedom. people of strong faith about christmas and their religious beliefs. there are controversy started in november when a citizens committee banned unattended displays due to overwhelming requested for the courthouse grounds. the lone dissenting vote wanted it upheld. >> we have war memorials there andies throws the appropriate monuments next to a courthouse themselves gave their lives to
6:30 pm
protect the rights enforced in that building. beyond that we don't need a cross, the flying spa getty mondayer? i'm not making that up. >> reporter: around the courthouse, reaction was mixed. >> a very difficult issue. it evokes so much of the passion. both sides. and we have a lot of that today. >> i think it is a good thing to lift as it is. i've enjoyed it over the years and i think many peel have and i think it a good thing to leave it as it is. >> reporter: for ten months emotions ran high over the courthouse display. some calling at this time war against christmas. the county chairman hopes this vote will put that uproar to rest. >> you can't ever say never. that the discussion won't come up. for now to this board, it is done. >> reporter: already six groups have signed up for the religious and secular displays at the court hour, including an atheist organization and a group promoting the movie star wars. in leesburg, jane watrel. once those displays are
6:31 pm
install, they'll be allowed to stay up for three weeks. metro is making a safety change to respond to recommendations from the national transportation safety board. the transit system says it will close on columbia day weekend for what they're calling a major rebill tag. metro says it will close the blue and orange lines. they plan to replace four track switches. the red line will continue with normal service but riders on the red line should add 40 extra minutes to their trip time. a warning from flight crews concerned about people pointing laser lights at aircraft. state police aviation crews gathered with commercial pilots. official believe somebody is aiming laser pointers at helicopters and planes, and they say that can temporarily blind the flight crew. >> i can tell you firsthand, very disconcerting, very disorienting. like the lieutenant said, it
6:32 pm
could absolutely affect the air crew's ability to safely continue the flight. >> reporter: officials say they will hunt down and prosecute people responsible for such activity. >> a very popular vacation spot in maryland is dealing with its second sewage spill in recent months. garrett county officials are he is thing the area of water after a massive sewage spill near deep creek lake. that spill happened yesterday afternoon. 6,400 gallons overflowed from the sewage pump on lakeshore drive. the county public utility officials say strings from a cloth mop entangled the pump's float control device. officials are testing the water daily until the bacteria counts fall to acceptable levels. back in july there was another sewage spill along the lake due to a malfunction at a pump station. an investigation is underway into voter fraud in prince george's county. a sketchy sample ballot mailed to many voters is in question. today the maryland attorney general spoke out about the
6:33 pm
ordeal. chris gordon has the story. >> thank you so much for coming out and early voting. >> reporter: there are so many signs, slogans and campaign handouts that voters can be overwhelmed on their way to participate in maryland's early voting here at the oxon hill library. this is the sample democratic ballot being distributed by the district 26 team. this is a strikingly similar ballot which endorses other candidates. and senator anthony muse calls fraudulent. >> i was misrepresented by having my picture along my opponent saying i endorse my opponent. >> reporter: maryland's attorney general took the case to court. a judge issued a temporary restraining order declaring the ballot illegal and ordered it not to be distributed. >> there was a committee put on that ballot which doesn't exist. it is not registered in the state of maryland. the treasurer was not the valid treasurer of that committee
6:34 pm
which doesn't exist. the return address goes to a commercial facility which is not where the purports to be from. >> reporter: most of the voters we asked are glad the ballot mix-up has been cleared up. >> and i think he should have been outlawed. that's false advertisement as far as i'm concerned. >> we want honest people. and doing something like that is very dishonest and would it make me quhae will you do for me? >> reporter: jerry mathis, a candidate for county council, said he distribute the ballot working with a group call citizens for change with charles summers listed as treasurer. >> you can see the judge calls the ballot illegal. >> i can see the judge calls it illegal based on the premises that we did not register. so if we were required to register, and we did not, then the judge probably has a basis. >> reporter: nasa says they have
6:35 pm
stop distributing the ballot. even though they don't agree that it is illegal. and prince george's county, maryland, this is chris gordon, news4. the senator is the husband of news4 anchor pat lawson muse. coming up, honeymoons with an unexpected show. we'll show you what happened. and we'll tell you about an airline promising a money-back guarantee if customers aren't pleased with the serv .
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temperatures have been in the 90s and that has made a lot of us think, it wouldn't be great to take out a boat? only 13% though. very dry across the area. may not be so good for boating over the next couple of days. we'll see a big cooldown. speaking of that, look at this as you send the kids to the bus stop. 61 around the city. it is going to be a very cool morning. you may even need a lifejacket. look at the highs tomorrow. we saw 96 today. how about 78 tomorrow? nearly 20-degree temperature drop. warrenton around 79 degrees. you can also expect breezy
6:39 pm
conditions tomorrow with winds out of the northwest at 15 to 20 miles an hour. great weather tomorrow. even better for friday. saturday is looking good. then on sunday, we have something we have not seen a lot of. i'll have that coming up a little bit later. >> we'll see you then. an important safety alert for anybody who uses a booster seat when they drive with small children in the car. booster seats are supposed to elevate children so that the seatbelts will fit them better and be safer. however the insurance institute for highway safety says many seats don't do the job. out of 72 booster seats reviewed, only 21 received good mark. only about 30%. eight seats were not recommend, including two models for eddie bauer, two from eechbflo, two from safety first and one from harmony. if you don't like your flight to paris, one airline is promising to give you your money back. open skies airlines' new promotion is call love
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everything or pay nothing. the all business class airline is between dulles and three cities including paris. prices start at $700 for a seat. and $1700 for a bed one way. you have to book your flight by november 30th to take part in the money-back pro mowing. charms including airport and security fees and will not be refunded. >> google has introduced a new feet tower help speed up the research for websites. it is call google instant. it provides live streaming results as soon as you type your search request. the new function means you don't have to hit the enter button to see the search result. there are all kinds of shortcuts. you can use the word "w," the "w" key to search for weather. the company estimates that the improvement will shave two to five seconds off the average search time. you know how important those two to five seconds are these days.
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a lion lunged at a trainer at mgm grand in las vegas and the video is now on youtube. look at this. that is not fun. video of the september 1 incident shows one trainer holding the lion down. and a second trainer pushing the big cat away. a couple captured the incident on tape while they were on their honeymoon. the trainer suffered minor injuries who needed stitches. they are wild animals, aren't they? >> unpredictable. what's up? >> a little baseball and some football. the nationals and the orioles both have afternoon games. albert haynesworth. we do have a legitimate update. new news on the situation. plus, donavan mcnabb said he is ready to go and hoping the change his recent luck against the cowboys. he was 0-3 last year.
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you thought it was over. you knew it couldn't be over. >> until he's gone or until we know for sure he's here, i wish i could tell you it's over but the drama does continue. trade winds have been blowing a couple of days now. haynesworth' former team. tennessee reportedly the landing spot in those trade roomsors. they said if the redskins wanted to trade haynesworth, they would listen. mike shanahan says i'm reluctant to comment on the haynesworth situation. when he was pressed on the issue, he said albert will be with them on sun. he took some heat for the final preseason game. he played 49 of 55 plays. the rest of the redskins' starters didn't play at all. shanahan said, he has communicated with haynesworth and the coach told us, he was very clear with albert from day one that his performance last year was unacceptable.
6:46 pm
>> i will him, i look at the film. if you want to be a dominant player, every time you're in there, you're going to have to play at a certain level. and you're going to have to play full speed all time. and that's how you win. that's how you build a championship team. when i did look at the film from the previous year, i said we have to play at a higher level. >> how did he react to that? >> i'm not sure. you would have to ask him. >> i don't think albert is going to be commenting in the near future. he has not talked the last couple days. the latest report from the nashville, tennessee, the newspaper down there in nashville that covers the titans on a daily basis that the redskins want a second round pick. the titans only willing to give up a for you round pick for haynesworth. they're literally playing a game of chicken seeing who can 28th
6:47 pm
longest. >> i think if they could meat a third round pick, absolutely. it they're fed up with it. like you said earlier, i wish they could long haynesworth and shanahan in a room. he has ridiculous talent. when he wants to play -- >> what an endless -- >> you can just sense in the locker room, the guys are so sick of talking about him and you hesitate to ask the question. don't ask me that question again. we've been talking about it forever. donavan mcnabb. everybody is glad to talk about him. couldn't ask for a bigger stage to make his debut. donavan acknowledged that his gimpy achkle isn't 100%. didn't want to say exactly how healthy he was. what he did talk about it was cowboys. the team for the third straight game. the third time a quarterback has played against the seam team three times in a row in nfl in modern day history. a little air guitar.
6:48 pm
he came out a bit flat. the eagles were bounced out of the playoffs. 34-14 was the score. and mcnabb's last two game against dallas, they got sunk. 58-14 it was combined score. mcnabb is hoping the third time is the charm. he's not focussing a whole lot on last year. >> for a lot of us, it went on last year. it is over. was i excited or happy about it? i don't know. i'm sure they weren't happy with the wait ended. this is an opportunity or the both team to kick start and that's the way it is. in the nfc, it is easy to prepare for all team. i've been playing against them for 11 years. when you play against teams like this, you have to prepare and look for something that you haven't seen. watching the film, going back and watching games from last year. object when i the new offense
6:49 pm
with how you can approach, going to this game and being effective. i'm looking forward to getting out on the field. >> the skoinz get a huge break. right now cowboys are down a pair of offensive linesmen. they missed practice and the status for the opener in the air. wrapping up the series with the mets. an afternoon matinee. we start the top of the fifth. down 2-0. livan hernandez pitching to luis whernds two outs and a man on first. livin' tags him. looks like an out. but the first base umpire says, no. he stays. meanwhile, r.a. dickey to third. he is ticked. adam dunn has to hold him out. not only did he clearly tag him out here which was questionable at first. got him. the guy runs out of the baseline. that's an automatic out. come on. that's a terrible call. bottom five.
6:50 pm
wilson ramos playing catcher in place of pug who was sick. wouldn't you know it? his first career home run. he knows a big one. a two-run shot to center. ramos came from minnesota. the nationals very high on him. top seven. still tied 2-2. in relief. facing nick evans. he singled to right. the mets take a 3-2 lead. bottom nine, nationals down one. danny espinoza one two outs. this is the last chance for the nationals. the nationals lose to the mets 3-2 is the final. next up, a three-game sweat the marlins on friday. let's to go new york. the o's against yankees. it was the best record in the a.l. east. o's down 1-0. matt is at the dish with the man on. a 3-0 count and that means he is
6:51 pm
teeing off. a two-run shot. the orioles take a 2-1 lead. they've been playing very, very well lately. about time. bottom nine, same score. facing nick swisher with a man aboard and that is ball game. a two-run home run. his 26th of the season is a walk-off. they can't believe it them win 3-2. a little tennis update. roger federer. the winner advances to the semifinals. vera advances to the semis. for more sports tidbits. season tickets sales have dropped. it will not help the players when they try iron out a new labor agreement with the owner. c.j. spiller, the sensational player, is starting in buffalo.
6:52 pm
unlikely to play in their game against penn state. that will do it for sports. >> all right. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, bp is spreading the fifteen percent or more on car insurance? can fútbol announcer andrés cantor make any sport exciting? ha sido una partida intensa hoy. jadrovski está pensando. está pensando. veamos que va a hacer. moverá la reina o moverá el caballo? que tensión. viene... viene, viene, viene... gooooooooooooooool! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone
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and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
6:55 pm
bp has released the first internal report on what the company believes led to the deadly explosion that ultimately caused the worst oil spill in u.s. history. bp takes responsibility for the gulf disaster but that no single country or worker is to blame. jay gray is in new orleans with the details. >> reporter: for more than 140 days now, bp has been spreading resources, dispersants, and some recovery funds to victim of the spill. now it appears though, the company is spreading the blame for the deepwater horizon tragedy. >> there was no single acor inacthina inaction that caused it. >> reporter: they cited eight key failures. most of those according to that report, the responsibility of the rig operator trans ocean or halliburton. the company that cemented the well. the bp analysis continues to
6:56 pm
defend the single casing well design of the rig and use of fewer centralizers. six instead of the 21 recommended by halliburton. plus, the decision to replace heavy drilling mud with water. all moves that congressional leaders have labeled as cost saving american purchases led to the disaster. a written response from transocean. it calls them a critical fact pore set the stage for the incident. bp's fatally flawed well design. there has been no immediate response from halliburton. the report does acknowledge that bp personnel on the rig accepted faulty well integrity tests and failed to recognize increasing pressure and an influx of hydro carbons in the riser until it was too late. the most important investigation into the incident is still ongoing. federal agents are examining the failed blowout preventer recently pull from the floor of
6:57 pm
the gulf. as the justice department looks into fines and possible criminal charges in the case. of course, it will be a whale before that investigation is finished. we also now know, it is going to take some time before the well is officially killed. the incident commander thad allen announcing, that procedure has been altered a bit and won't begin for at least a couple of week. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. that bp report also includes two dozen suggests for preventing another tragedy. we have a link to the entire report on the website. search the key word bp. one more check on the weather forecast. if would you like to share good news over and oh again. >> what a change it will be coming our way. we're going from 96 degrees today to about 60 tomorrow morning. some locations could be in the upper 50s when you wake up. that's a 40-degree temperature drop. 90 degrees, that's the current
6:58 pm
temperature. very, very dry and very comfortable out there with all of that sunshine. only 78 tomorrow. nice and breezy tomorrow. 50, rather, 76 on friday. today friday morning. some areas may wake up to the upper 40s on friday and on saturday. temperatures back to around 80 degrees both saturday and on sunday. and right now, it does look like we'll see a good chance of rain on sunday. then monday and tuesday, drying out. highs in the low 80s and then another front comes through. this one could bring temperatures into the low to middle 70s during the day on wednesday. so yet another cooldown. something i haven't mentioned all day, we have a new tropical storm. tropical storm igor but it is right off the coast of africa. it normally takes them about ten to 14 days to extra verse the atlantic. no need to worry about that but we could be talking about it. in week. >> a lot can happen in 14 days. >> you've got that right. seven years ago a puppy
6:59 pm
disappeared from a yard in michigan. this week that dog turned up a thousand mile away. the dog's name is jake. it is a weimeranner. an animal warden found a microchip under his neck. that chip helped her find the original owner. he says, jake was only six months old when somebody unlocked his chain and took him out of the backyard. seven years ago. that owner is now on his way to kentucky to pick up his dog. good for him. the animal warden says the dog still answers to jake. so that kid would now be seven years older. what a homecoming they got. >> what a story if that dog could only talk. >> yeah. how about that? that would be news.

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